Millstone Weber


On May 23, 2014, Millstone Bangert, Inc. and the construction arm of Fred Weber, Inc. joined forces to become Millstone Weber, LLC, one of the leading construction firms in the Midwest. Headquartered in St. Charles, MO, Millstone Weber employs more 500 highly skilled employees working multiple projects in multiple states. The company is led by President and CEO Thomas E. Kuhn (former President and CEO of Millstone Bangert).

Built on a foundation, both rich in history and strong in values, Millstone Weber is committed to delivering high-quality projects through excellence and innovation, while zealously pursing the vision and work ethic established by our founders nearly a century ago.

Millstone Bangert, Inc.

I. E. Millstone entered the construction industry in 1929. He devoted considerable effort to developing new concrete techniques, and improving the quality of the material, as well as lowering building costs. He felt an obligation to the general community and has served on many philanthropic organizations during his seventy years in business.

The Bangert family entered the road construction business in 1917. The two founding brothers Louis and Henry Bangert constructed many early farm-to-market roads. Much of the construction equipment used in the early days was designed and built by the Bangert Brothers.

Fred Weber, Inc.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, Fred Weber, Sr. bought his first piece of mechanized equipment: a solid-tire, 5-ton dumpster truck. Combining talented people and the right tools, his company began to grow, and in 1928 the company acquired its first road contract, which is considered to be the formal start of Fred Weber, Inc.

After the death of his father in 1963, Fred Weber, Jr. faced tough trials and competition in order to expand the company. He constantly pushed the company to be the best in all our endeavors, keeping one of his goals always in mind: "Get the mostest with the leastest."

Starting with the quarrying operations then developing the asphalt and sand operations and others, Fred, Jr. pushed each area to make it the best producer with the lowest possible cost.

In 1974 John Weber bought the company from Fred Weber, Jr. and became president and chairman of the board. In 1986 John decided it was in the best interest of his family to sell the assets of the company. Prior to the sale, a management group came together to propose a sale of the company to the employees instead of an outside entity. As a result, an ESOP and the management group purchased the company in December of 1986.

Building Together, Stronger Than Ever

A true merger of equals, and an evolution in the relationship between two great companies, Millstone Weber will efficiently and effectively get the job done for our customers with an unrivaled strength of our combined experience and resources.  As Millstone Weber builds the best, we remain dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional construction services for generations to come.

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